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DAVID ROCKLIN is the author of two novels, The Luminist (published in the U.S. and Italy) and The Night Language, the recipient of a Foreword award, and a book coach. He created The Write Formula writer’s retreat in Idyllwild, CA. He also hosts and curates Roar Shack, a popular monthly literary reading series based in Los Angeles. The series is in its tenth year.

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David is a respected novelist and book coach:



Not since Michael Ondaatje’s The English patient have I read a novel in which a character…has haunted language, history and heart so intensely. If you read one novel this year, let it be The Night Language. It is still possible for a reader’s heart to be broken back open.

Author of The Chronology Of Water, The Book Of Joan, Thrust


Every sentence is a small miracle; every character glows with a complex elegance, as if seen by candlelight. David Rocklin’s lush rendering…will be etched in my memory for a long, long time. Superb.

Author of The Deadwood Beetle, The Last To See Me


An absolute spellbinder… blends the love-and-war sweep of Dr. Zhivago with the Heart of Darkness depth of Joseph Conrad… this is a staggeringly good book.

- Kirkus
Review (October 1, 2011)


David’s thoughtful and incisive editing work, including deep thematic and structural guidance, lifted my manuscript from a teetering new draft to a polished, well-developed one.

Award-winning author of Trip Wires, Small Change, and Losing Touch.


Engaging this talented coach is a worthy investment in yourself and your literary career.

Author of 2 Revere Place, Pushcart nominee